Intimate By Imani

  • For a one of a kind shopping experience, stop by Intimate By Imani. Founded by Imani Smith, our business was created for women and men of all sizes, shapes, and colors. Whether you’re on the lookout to spice things up, lounge around, or sleep on silk, we’ve got the look for you.


Our Story



  1. 1. closely acquainted; familiar, close.

    As a woman, you may not always love and embrace your body, but you’re familiar with all of it's creases and curves. It’s yours. It belongs to you. Let Intimate help you embrace it. My goal is to make sure everyone feels not only sexy, but comfortable. Creating Intimate By Imani was apart of my evolution into womanhood.   Loving myself for all of me. Intimate is about adorning every part of you.... one piece at a time.

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